The EuroAtlantic Union Review - Anno I, n.0

Autore: Velo Dario
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ISBN: 9788866113430
NUMERO PAGINE: 9788866113430
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Contents Editorial The EuroAtlantic Union Review Dario Velo Forewords The Need for a Social Market Economy José-Maria Gil Robles A Stable Economic System for Europe Hans-Gert Pöttering Social Market Economy Social Market Economy and the Future of European Unification Dario Velo The Social Market Economy. Incipiency and Topicality of an Economic and Social Policy for a European Community Christian L. Glossner Social Market Economy and the European Union. Ordnungspolitik during the Crisis Michael Wohlgemuth The Social Market Economy – Assembled in Germany, Not Made in Germany! Marcus Marktanner Reinforcing Economy and Monetary Union and Welfare State Policy José A. Nieto Solís Social Market Economy and Its Universal Validity Stefan Gehrold The European Enterprise as a Key Player in the European Economic Model. A Historical Perspective Daniela Felisini The Teachings of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe (Monnet Committee) J.-Gérard Lieberherr Documents No Virtute like Necessity? Cooperation between the Poles of National Sovereignity and European Army – Some Thoughts for a Systemic Approach Pasquale Preziosa
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