The EuroAtlantic Union Review - Anno II, n.1

Autore: Velo Dario
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ISBN: 9788866114413
NUMERO PAGINE: 9788866114413
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Contents Editorial Strenghtening Political Governance and Military Capabilities for Peace, Security and Stability in Africa Pasquale Preziosa Round Table on Criminal Economy as Prerequisite for Growth (Bank of Italy – CIRGIS, Milano, 7 November 2014) The Fight against the Criminal Economy: a Precondition for Growth Ignazio Visco Combating the Criminal Economy: a Prerequisite for Growth Giorgio Santacroce Social Market Economy Financial Reporting for Varieties of Capitalism: Does a Single Set of Global Standards Fit for All? Vera Palea The Social Market Economy: Origins and Interpreters Flavio Felice Documents Quantitative Easing or Qualitative Easing? Giovanni Palladino
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