The Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Edited by

A. Infantino, G. Marra, P. Polidori, E. A. Rossi

ISBN: 9791259651969
€ 22,00

The Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan, better known as NRRP-PNRR, contains the lines by which our country commits to spending the money allocated to us within the European Recovery Fund.

This is Italy’s share of a significant intervention plan launched by the EU in order to revive and strengthen the economies of the old continent tried by the long stop imposed by the pandemic due to the Covid-19 virus. The exceptional nature of the pandemic, superimposed on a major environmental crisis that had long been announced but has now become a reality, has called for an equally exceptional economic intervention that has the aspiration of triggering a New Deal with the twin goals of reviving growth and promoting a green conversion of European economies.

The amount of resources engaged is important but money is not the only need to trigger a successful and stable recovery path: reforms are needed.

In this regard, the Italian NRRP distinguishes between four different types of reforms: horizontal or contextual reforms (also classified as measures of general interest); enabling reforms that are functional interventions to ensure the implementation of the plan; sectoral reforms, that relate to individual missions or specific areas; and finally, concurrent reforms that are not closely related to the implementation of the plan but are deemed functional and necessary for the country.

The book explores the state of the art and the perspectives of these reforms, providing reflections concerning Law, Society and Economic Policies.

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Anno Edizione 2022
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