The right of education of Roma community in Albania

ISBN: 9788866118381
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The history of the peoples of Roma, currently present in many European states and especially in the Balkans, is characterized by some constants that are not always positive, that have marked their life and their culture. The numerous persecutions, the various forms of marginalization, discrimination and an ancient mistrust born in the European Middle Ages have marked difficult and extreme living conditions (culminating in the Nazi project of their physical elimination together with the Jews), which they often put in second slowly the features of an ancient culture, which draws its origins probably from the Sanskrit civilization. After the Second World War a slow reconstruction of the identity of the Roma people began and the International Romani Union (IRU) was created in London in 1971, with the main objective of recognizing an identity and a cultural and linguistic heritage of the Rom, Nation without state and without territory. In this framework of revaluation of the Roma culture and with reference to the analysis of supporting actions in favour of these peoples, we find the essay edited by Elisabeta Osmanaj, particularly aimed at one of the fundamental rights, necessary for the recovery of an identity, namely the right to education. With specific reference to the situation in Albania, the author highlights the importance of education policies in applying strategies necessary to improve the living conditions of the Roma community.

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Anno Edizione 2019
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